Making Copenhagen a Nordic FinTech Hub

It was an absolute privilege to take part in a study that could help position a relatively small city as a global hub
Carsten Kølbek
Partner at Rainmaking

Mapping an Industry

In 2015 we were approached by a group of organizations including Finansforbundet, Danish Bankers Association, City of Copenhagen, DJØF, Nets, Saxo Bank, BEC, Tryg and CFIR for an opportunity to analyze and describe FinTech in Copenhagen. 

The nine partners wanted to map the Danish FinTech environment, to benchmark Copenhagen against other cities and to identify initiatives that should be taken in order to develop and strengthen the FinTech ecosystem in Copenhagen.

A 360 Degree View

Oxford Research and Rainmaking were chosen as consultants for the analysis. While Oxford Research has a deep knowledge of the Danish FinTech cluster from an institutional level; Rainmaking intimately knows the Danish startup scene and the international FinTech environment through our Startupbootcamp FinTech accelerators. Together we were able to partner to provide a holistic overview of the ecosystem, spanning both startup and corporate activity.

Thorough Investigation

We conducted five workshops focusing on different areas: research and education, investors, startups, regulation and public authorities, incubators/accelerators and corporates. It was important for the validity of the results that actors who know the FinTech ecosystem and the challenges for FinTech all had the opportunity to contribute, so, we involved over 250 people across all levels of the ecosystem, from executives to developers.

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