Creating positive change through entrepreneurship

Many successful companies rely on origin stories that combine a mix of truth and myth to convey the overall culture of their empires. The story of Rainmaking is not so cut and dried.

The Rainmaking story is about a group of entrepreneurs who came together at different times. People who wanted to use their experiences to grow businesses. By joining forces, the founders of Rainmaking, could achieve their goals, while still maximizing their happiness in life.

Initially, the partnership focused on building startups. Sharing in both the successes, and the failures – if one venture fails, it’s alright, because others may succeed. To date Rainmaking has built 25 companies ranging from traditional tech startups to a chain of eye laser clinics. Not all have been successful, but eight have exited.

Today several of the businesses still run under the Rainmaking management – including Rainmaking Loft; Startupbootcamp; and Rainmaking Innovation. Those businesses, employing over 400 people around the globe, form the core of our mission to deliver positive impact through entrepreneurship to startups and corporates.

My personal passion is to work with entrepreneurs, create innovation, have fun. Help making the world a better place. Be a part of the solution - and not the problem - in this world.
Carsten Kølbek
Co-founder at Rainmaking


Startupbootcamp was founded in 2010. It is now an industry focused accelerator program with the mission to actively support thousands of startups and their founders. The program is now one of the largest accelerators in the world, with programs active in 15 cities across five continents. Since 2010, 375 Startupbootcamp teams from 38 classes have raised over €140 million with a combined valuation of more than €700 million.

“Frustration” is what promoted Nektarios Liolios, co-founder & CEO Startupbootcamp FinTech and co-founder Rainmaking Innovation, to launch Startupbootcamp FinTech in 2014, after 16 years working within the financial services industry.

Large organizations often struggle to keep up with the pace of technology change. Startups are leading this change but often need industry players such as banks and insurers to validate their proposition to show that it can work on an enterprise level.

The FinTech program, and later the InsurTech program in 2015 at Startupbootcamp, was founded as a way to be instrumental in bringing large organizations and startups together in an enabling environment.

I joined Startupbootcamp to launch the FinTech program out of a frustration of not being able to do this from within the financial community.
Nektarios Liolios
Partner at Rainmaking and founder of Startupbootcamp FinTech and Startupbootcamp InsurTech

After a career that saw Alex Farcet, partner at Rainmaking and co-founder at Startupbootcamp spend time in Silicon Valley and a corporate career at DHL in Europe, his life was thrown a curve ball. Both he and his son were diagnosed with cancer. While that journey has a happy ending, Alex’s definition of risk changed and he went to back to life as an entrepreneur. 

Through this work in the startup scene, Alex met Martin Bjergegaard, which led to the launch of the inaugural Startupbootcamp program in Copenhagen in Jan. 2010. 

That first program was probably my life's happiest professional time. Every day I ran to the office where I knew 30 founders were waiting for mentoring and acceleration like dry sponges. Some of my most precious possessions are the several handwritten notes and thank yous I have from founders saying Startupbootcamp changed their lives. Every day we are helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to build technology, products and startups, to create jobs and sustainable businesses, to disrupt industries and drive change.”
Alex Farcet
Partner at Rainmaking and co-founder at Startupbootcamp

Rainmaking Loft

The experience of running Startupbootcamp highlighted a key factor in the success of a startup - a supportive ecosystem. A key factor in building and maintaining an ecosystem, which will have a lasting impact on a region and an industry, are physical spaces. In 2013 we launched the Rainmaking Loft co-working spaces in London, Copenhagen and Berlin.

The Rainmaking Lofts are more than office space. They are physical hubs where spontaneous connections happen. Where community is made. This community ebbs and flows with a thousand stories of success and failure – each feeding and offering their experience of risk to each other. The Rainmaking Loft provides a home to seasoned serial entrepreneurs and neophyte founders alike.

Starting a new business is much like a hero’s journey. There will be ups and downs, and not everyone will make it. We see our residents as true heroes, all 1,300 of them. We exist to be their ideal launchpad so they can fly far and wide.
Martin Bjergegaard
Co-founder at Rainmaking

Rainmaking Innovation

Working with startups and promoting entrepreneurship remains at the heart of our business at Rainmaking. However, it was though this work - building ecosystems, supporting startups and partnering with industry players - we came to realize that these experiences and skills could be used to benefit the established corporate world as well.

Each Startupbootcamp accelerator program works with a collaboration of corporate partners. Because of this, startups gain access to qualified mentors and advisors with deep industry experience and can start working with potential strategic partners. These program sponsors – who include names like Lloyds Banking Group, Mercedes-Benz, Allianz, and Cisco - gain an early look at new business models and technologies. While their employees learn a new way of working alongside startups.

Our focus on industry collaboration has given us a unique perspective. We saw an incredible opportunity to enable impact through entrepreneurship on a massive scale.

Not only are established companies increasingly partnering with startups. But, more and more they are looking to instil an entrepreneurial mindset within the company. To embed resiliency - a cultural ability to quickly adapt to change.

Entrepreneurship is not reserved for a few individuals on the fringes – the boys in hoodies or tempestuous billionaires of Silicon Valley myth – it is a mindset. We at Rainmaking believe it is a toolkit that can be applied even within the largest and most complex organizations.

In 2013 we took our experience building and working with startups, and adapted to the unique challenges of the corporate entrepreneur by forming Rainmaking Innovation.

David & Goliath

Jordan Schlipf, partner at Rainmaking, dreamt of the golden age of industry as a child. He idolised engineering titans like Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who in their time used the forefront of science and mathematics combined with a bold vision of a brighter future. Today, Jordan found his path as a modern-day Brunel through entrepreneurship and startups.

Rainmaking’s vision is a belief that the greatest progress and value to be unlocked, in order to be at the forefront of technology and business models is to be at the intersection of ‘big' and ‘small’ - the nexus of startup/entrepreneurship and large corporation.

A startup begins with a blank canvas – while it is not encumbered by bureaucracy, set process, governance and other such big corporate shackles that prevent innovation - but it also does not start with millions of customers, huge existing infrastructure, resource, brand, credibility, regulation etc. Opportunities exist by combining the best of big with the best of small.

“We believe that getting 'David to play with Goliath' and/or allowing 'Goliath to harness the best of David' - this is where the biggest impact - the biggest positive change will come from.”
Jordan Schilpf
Partner at Rainmaking
In 2013 we took our experience building and working with startups, and adapted to the unique challenges of the corporate entrepreneur by forming Rainmaking Innovation.

Mindset, Skills and Confidence

Through Rainmaking Innovation, we provide teams with the mindset, skills, and confidence to ideate, create, and scale new business. We have done this in a number of ways. By helping corporates and startups have more meaningful engagements, providing increased value for both sides. By delivering expert training for internal teams. And, by partnering to build and launch new ventures - startup style.

Our mission remains - To create positive impact through entrepreneurship.

Embarking on a journey – even an innovation journey – is scary and lonely if you don’t have access to a solid ecosystem that offers experience and guidance. We at Rainmaking have spent years gathering that experience in an effort to understand, manage and mitigate risks. The world we have created and the companies we have started are not filled with fear and compromise. It is filled with bravery and community.

And we would like to share that with you.

This is our story.

Our startups

Creating companies and bringing them to market is our first love. Together, we’ve built over 25 of our own startups, achieved 5 notable exits and participated in more than 350 investments. Here are just a few active companies that we have built.