FinTech Social: Embracing Digital Identity in Financial Services

January 18 2018 18:00
Techspace Shoreditch 25 Luke Street London EC2A 4AR United Kingdom
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We are more and more reliant on our digital identities to open up access and participate in the modern economy, meaning that we are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated data theft and impersonation. If you think central government or the police are the biggest buyers of identity management technology, you would be mistaken. Banks alone are now spending over $1billion a year on identity management solutions.

Financial institutions are seeking new business opportunities by exploring KYC, AML, biometrics, anti-fraud and identity theft technologies as well as advanced authentication solutions to increase customer insights and service relevance, while reducing fraud and market abuse.

Picking up on the government schemes like Verify, can financial institutions piggyback on these as a federated option? Or is it too limited, too vulnerable, too far removed from a commercial environment? Or do financial institutions need their own identity schemes?

What identity management solutions and technology banks are using? What technologies are out there? How are they using the data sources to impact and improve the customer journey and reduce fraud?

Join us for the first Rainmaking Colab FinTech Social in association with Startupbootcamp FinTech and discover the latest trends and technologies in identity impacting the financial services sector.

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