We founded Startupbootcamp — the world's largest industry focused accelerator network with 16 programs across five continents.
We have built 25 of our own startups, achieving 5 notable exits and lead over 350 direct startup investments.
We created the Rainmaking Loft - co-working spaces serving over 1,000 entrepreneurs in London, Berlin and Copenhagen.
We have partnered with over 60 fortune 500 companies to deliver training, engage with startups, build digital products and launch new ventures.

Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs. We create positive change through entrepreneurship.

We love results, not presentations.

We give you the mindset, skills and confidence to ideate, create and scale new business. Collaboratively and confidently. No buzzwords. Just plain English. And we’ll make sure it happens. We love results not presentations. Actions not words. Just see for yourself.
We have partnered with Rainmaking because of their strong foothold in the global startup ecosystem, and their impressive ability to launch and grow new platforms and services at high speed
Klavs Hjort
Head of Business Innovation
Danske Bank
Partnering with Startupbootcamp will accelerate our access to innovation and will plug us into an impressive community of alumni, mentors and investors
Dr. Frank Spennemann
Senior Manager, Business Innovation
Our relationship with Rainmaking has given hundreds of our colleagues access to new tools and new ways of working that they are using to become inspiring intrapreneurs and to develop new propositions and services for our customers
Claire Calmejane
Head of Innovation
The Castrol 20/20 Challenge provided impressive and innovative ideas leading to us working with 7 out of 10 startups from the program
Roy Williamson
Managing Director
Castrol InnoVentures

No matter how well you plan new ventures, sometimes they just don’t work. This is part of our approach to helping our partners discover innovation for their own company. If something works – or if it doesn’t – you’ll know about it. Many claim to have the answers but hide behind powerpoint presentations and buzzwords. We accept that we don't have all the answers, but we do know the right questions to ask.

Kasper Vardrup
Rainmaking Founder
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